Personal health has always been important to me. By following a strong workout routine and a mostly clean eating regiment, I am able to feel (and look) at my best. Higher energy levels, mental acuity, and confidence are other derivatives of this lifestyle. Although I am busy with other pursuits in life and cannot spend 4 hours a day in the gym and at the kitchen, I am still able to accomplish my goals. I am no expert, but my strategies have worked well for me, and hopefully they will for you too.


I am a graduate from the HBA program at the Ivey School of Business, one of the top rated business schools in the world. In my fourth year of undergrad, I co-authored and published a Real Estate Portfolio Management case study which has been taught to over 100 students each year since 2013. Since graduating, I have worked as a Corporate Banking Analyst covering the Energy sector in Canada. I have also passed all three levels of the CFA and am working towards acquiring four years of work experience to become a charterholder. In much of my spare time I enjoy managing my own portfolio of equities. My personal investment advice will mostly be high level, I’ll save the stock pitches… for now.

Fantasy Hockey

My favorite sport is hockey. I’m a big fan and I pay close attention to most of the 30 teams in the NHL. For the past four years I have been part of a competitive 16-team fantasy league. Overall I have won a bit of money, winning 1st place one year, 3rd place another year, and have always been one of the eight teams making it to the fantasy hockey playoffs each year. Here I will share some of my strategies, including weekly dekes which aims to employ a rotation strategy with one spot on your bench by using your weekly adds/drops to maximize player games and to take advantage of underrated players and their hot streaks.


In my downtime, when I kick my feet up and relax, I enjoy the world of fiction – especially fantasy and sci-fi. Whether it’s Star Wars or Game of Thrones, Ready Player One or A Wise Man’s Fears, I try to absorb as much as I can. My mind is always creating new characters in strange worlds and sometimes my pen or keyboard is able to keep up and record some of the ideas and stories. I will keep working at improving my writing abilities in hopes that I can share my ideas with the masses one day.


This is where I will share other content that does not fit into the top 4 categories. I love to travel and my interest in photography goes hand-in-hand with that. Unfortunately I am not a traveling, freelancing writer exploring the world one corner at a time. Maybe someday I will be and the Further section will expand to a full blown travel blog site of its own. Until then, “Further” is open ended.