Weekly Dekes: Fantasy Hockey Mar 27 – Apr 2

Welcome to the twenty-third edition of Weekly Dekes, your go-to location for information on the week ahead which includes team scheduling, injuries, hot streaks, and more. Take this information provided to make some roster moves, whether it’s a permanent replacement or a temporary rotisserie of your final roster spot. It’s kind of like economics. Draft day is macroeconomics where you look at the big picture and long term trends. Microeconomics is the day-to-day, focusing on back-to-back games, hot and cold streaks, short term injuries, and maximizing the number of fantasy games played for your roster.

With most fantasy leagues allowing 3 or 5 player adds each week, the last position on your roster can be changed multiple times during the week, allowing you to increase games played for your fantasy team while taking advantage of short term opportunities. This could be the difference in a tight matchup between a win and a loss.


3 Games –  Buffalo, Edmonton, Montreal, New Jersey, New York Rangers, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg

4 Games –  Anaheim, Arizona, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Colorado, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Florida, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York Islanders, Philadelphia, San Jose, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Washington

5 Games – Carolina, Nashville

Link to Excel doc containing scheduling information for the full season: https://4fandfurther.com/2016/09/15/nhl-fantasy-hockey-2016-2017-team-schedules-by-week-night-of-the-week-and-fantasy-playoffs

Back-to-Backs: this is where backup goalies could potentially be good spot starts, pay attention to who is scheduled to play in the crease. A big example this week is Aaron Dell who should get two starts given San Jose plays two back-to-back sets (the Rangers also play two back-to-back sets). More on that later:

Monday/Tuesday: Buffalo, Detroit, Florida, Nashville

Tuesday/Wednesday: Los Angeles, Washington

Wednesday/Thursday: None

Thursday/Friday: Columbus, New York Islanders, San Jose

Friday/Saturday: New Jersey

Saturday/Sunday: Anaheim, Boston, Carolina, Dallas, Minnesota, Nashville, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay


Home Heavy Schedules – typically favorable compared to playing on the road

-Boston, Minnesota and Philadelphia play 3 of 4 on home ice

-Calgary and Tampa Bay play all 4 on home ice

-Carolina plays 4 of 5 on home ice

-Edmonton and Vancouver play all 3 on home ice

Road Warriors – typically brings a harder schedule

-Anaheim, Dallas, Florida and Washington play all four on the road

-Detroit, Los Angeles and San Jose play 3 of four on the road

-Ottawa plays all 3 on the road

“Easy” Opponents

  • Calgary starts off the week against Colorado and then LA, both non-playoff teams, before finishing up against San Jose and Anaheim. All four are at home and no games are back-to-back
  • Montreal only has three games this week but they are all against non-playoff teams (Dallas, Florida, Tampa Bay)
  • The New York Islanders play two at home and two on the road – they start harder against Nashville before getting a bit easier against Philadelphia, New Jersey and Buffalo
  • St. Louis seems to have the easiest schedule of all this week: two against Arizona, one versus Colorado, and the final game on Sunday against Nashville
  • Washington plays all four on the road but two are against easy competition in Arizona and Colorado while Minnesota and Columbus should be tighter games

“Tough” Opponents

  • Colorado, already the worst team in the league, has a tough week ahead against four playoff opponents: Calgary, Washington, St. Louis, and Minnesota
  • Pittsburgh starts tough against Chicago and the Rangers before finishing against Carolina who can also pack a punch from time to time

Day of the Week Concentration – games by day of week; look for teams to play games on off-nights so that your roster isn’t full of players all playing on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, this week is pretty spread out despite the high number of overall games played. This should give you more flexibility to toy with your roster for the week ahead.

  • Monday – 6 games
  • Tuesday – 11 games
  • Wednesday – 4 games
  • Thursday – 9 games
  • Friday – 7 games
  • Saturday – 8 games
  • Sunday – 11 games


Hot And Available (Tinder for Fantasy Hockey)


Elias Lindholm (24% owned) 4G, 5A, +4, 4PIMs, 2PPPs, 2SHP, 19 SOG over last 8 games

Lindholm is on a very impressive ten game point streak. He has five games next week and would be a huge potential addition for those who have space in 76% of available leagues. He also now has 42 points on the year and should be remembered for next year as well when the Hurricanes will be looking to take another step forward in their progressive rebuild.

Andrej Sekera (18% owned) 1G, 7A, +4, 3PPPs, 9 SOG, 29 BLKs over last 8 games

Sekera has been very productive lately with an Oilers team that is fighting for first place in the Pacific division. It’s been many years since that’s been said. Although Edmonton only plays three games this week, Sekera could be a good spot start on the defensive end where he’s been picking up powerplay points on the 2nd unit with consistency.

Jonathan Marchessault (38% owned) 8G, +2, 6PIMs, 2GWGs, 24 SOG over last 7 games

Marchessault has been red hot with 5 goals in his past two games. He’s been a bright spot for the Panthers this year and he has been benefiting from seeing ice-time with Huberdeau and Barkov on the number one powerplay unit. Take a shot at adding him to your roster if you are in need of goal scoring – he has 28 on the year now.

Mattieu Perreault (29% owned) 4G, 6A, +1, 6PPP, 1GWG, 17 SOG over last 7 games (SUN update)

Perreault is once again going through a nice hot streak that has been rewarding fantasy hockey owners. His six game point streak (with four multi-point games) could carry through the week ahead. Additionally, his dual-eligibility at C and LW could be helpful for increased lineup flexibility.

Brayden Point (7% owned) 4G, 4A, -1, 2PPPs, 1GWG, 18 SOG over last 7 games

Point probably hasn’t made many of these lists so far this season but he has deserved the spot this week. In seven of his last eight games he has logged over 20 minutes of ice-time, giving him tons of potential each night to get on the board. Due to Namestnikov’s injury, Point slid onto the top line with Palat and Kucherov, two very deadly offensive threats. Although Namestnikov has returned from injury, Point’s place on the top line remains. This streak could therefore easily continue despite the fact that few leagues have noticed Point’s potential.

Ondrej Palat (33% owned) 1G, 7A, 6PIMs, 1PPP, 16 SOG over last 7 games

Why not double up on the Lightning and also grab Palat alongside Point. Your fortunes will be strongly tied to Tampa’s first line which has been on fire lately. Palat had a slow start to the year but he is now up to 42 points on the campaign and is riding a 4 game point streak.


image source: canesandcoffee.com


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