Weekly Dekes: Fantasy Hockey Dec 5 – 11


Welcome to the eighth edition of Weekly Dekes, your go-to location for information on the week ahead which includes team scheduling, injuries, hot streaks, and more. Take this information provided to make some roster moves, whether it’s a permanent replacement or a temporary rotisserie of your final roster spot. It’s kind of like economics. Draft day is macroeconomics where you look at the big picture and long term trends. Microeconomics is the day-to-day, focusing on back-to-back games, hot and cold streaks, short term injuries, and maximizing the number of fantasy games played for your roster.

With most fantasy leagues allowing 3 or 5 player adds each week, the last position on your roster can be changed multiple times during the week, allowing you to increase games played for your fantasy team while taking advantage of short term opportunities. This could be the difference in a tight matchup between a win and a loss.

Sorry for the delay and the brevity of the post – I am in Thailand for three weeks and will thus be reducing the reporting until my return (one more brief post):



2 Games – Los Angeles, Tampa Bay

3 Games – Anaheim, Buffalo, Calgary, Carolina, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Minnesota, Montreal, Nashville, New York Islanders, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Toronto

4 Games – Arizona, Boston, Colorado, Dallas, Edmonton, Florida, New Jersey, New York Rangers, Ottawa, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Vancouver, Washington, Winnipeg

Link to Excel doc containing scheduling information for the full season: https://4fandfurther.com/2016/09/15/nhl-fantasy-hockey-2016-2017-team-schedules-by-week-night-of-the-week-and-fantasy-playoffs


Back-to-Backs: this is where backup goalies could potentially be good spot starts, pay attention to who is scheduled to play in the crease

Monday/Tuesday: Arizona, Buffalo, Florida,

Tuesday/Wednesday: None

Wednesday/Thursday: Boston, Carolina

Thursday/Friday: Edmonton, New Jersey, New York Rangers, St. Louis

Friday/Saturday: Columbus, San Jose

Saturday/Sunday: Colorado, Dallas, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg



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