Updated: NHL Fantasy Hockey 2016-2017: Pre-Draft Ranking Excel Guide

Are you frustrated because fantasy hockey experts at NHL.com and Yahoo rank players based on an unknown baseline? Are you tired of seeing Nick Backstrom poorly ranked because he produces 3 times as many assists as goals despite the fact your league scores goals and assists equally? This guide is made for you.

This guide compiles Yahoo Fantasy Hockey rankings, NHL.com rankings, and statistics from the past two seasons to help you determine your own pre-draft ranking system. The Microsoft Excel file has built in statistics from the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 seasons and a customizable “fantasy scoring” chart. All you need to do is enter in your league’s scoring rules and the file will build out each player’s total fantasy point production (and average fantasy points per game) over the last two years. This can give you a good idea how each player ranks in three different ways: Yahoo, NHL.com, and recent performance using YOUR league’s scoring system.

A couple notes to consider:

  • Yahoo Fantasy ranked players up until #350 are provided – beyond that, I have selected certain players that I feel could have value despite being below #350. Drafting below this level generally lies more in gut-feel and analysis beyond statistics anyways
  • NHL.com’s “Just Missed” list was given ranks in order from 201-210
  • NHL.com’s “Players outside NHL.com’s top 200 who are ranked in Yahoo’s top 200” were then given ranks from 211-222
  • Filters are provided to sort by position, team, rank, fantasy point production, etc
  • L2S = Last Two Seasons
  • Goalies are highlighted in blue

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns about the guide or my NHL ranking assumptions and I will do my best to promptly address them. Happy Fantasy Hockey Researching to all!

Also, let me know if you think this guide is worth paying for. I have provided it for free as I am concentrating on growing my population of readers… hopefully this will bring many back for more.

Guide has been updated to include FOW, FOL, and L for Goalies as well as other clean-up items.



8 thoughts on “Updated: NHL Fantasy Hockey 2016-2017: Pre-Draft Ranking Excel Guide”

  1. Great tool. Thanks!

    As far as potentially paying for it goes there are a few paid tools/spreadsheets that take into account custom scoring, but also have projected stats for the upcoming season. But projected stats being what they are I could see myself considering paying for this one as well if the price was competitive.


  2. Good stuff! While it’s useful to look at past trends (2-3 year timeframe), I would find this list more useful if it also included point projections from NHL.com, Yahoo! and perhaps add ESPN.


  3. great information…makes it much easier to get access to yahoo data…in the past I laboriously copy/paste data from their site into XLS and then spend a lot of time manually formatting. question…why do you have 2 sets of EV, PP, SH rows…at first I thought it was first half of year and second half of year but that didn’t add up. I do realize if I add up both sets it equates to the total # of points. if you have explained this somewhere and I missed it, I apologize for redundant question. thank you. I definitely think there is a market to sell this…I usually spend about 2 hours taking the data and massaging it into Excel each year.


    1. First set is goals, second set is assists. So first set is PPG, EVG, SHG. Second is PPA, EVA, SHA. It wasn’t explained anywhere so my apologies for the confusion. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Keep a lookout for the same thing next year. I’ll also have some updates and weekly articles here throughout the year. Enjoy!


  4. An excellent tool that I would have no problem purchasing.

    I have a question regarding the weighting of points relative to particular leagues using this tool. This may be because I’m not a seasoned fantasy player, so bear with me.

    I’m joining a basic H2H league that gives point for G, A, TP, H, Blk, PPP, PIM, SOG for skaters and W, Saves, SV%, GAA, for goalies. Is each category represented then assigned a value of 1? How would total points be represented then? Also, since SV% is not represented, is this something that needs to be analyzed off the excel sheet independantly? Is the GA category assigned a negative value of 1 for this league?

    Many thanks!



    1. It would be difficult to show SV% and GAA for categories. Ultimately what might be most useful is determining the distribution of a goalie’s GAA and SV%. You could see how far and how often the goalie’s numbers deviate from the mean (which would be the season average). Admittedly I have set up the guide for H2H based on scoring rather than categories. For my league you get -0.5 for a GA and +0.1 for a save. Therefore goalies are in the positive for a SV% above 83% (5/6). Did I answer your question adequately? Thanks for posting!


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