3 Quick Clean Eating Tips

Clean eating doesn’t have to result in boredom and internal suffering. There are many healthy and delicious options for every meal of the day that can satisfy your taste buds while giving your body what it needs to look its best.

  1. Plan your meals, have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack items ready at all times. Eating out frequently not only puts fitness goals in jeopardy, it can also quickly dent your wallet and savings. Step 1 is buying groceries – an assortment of fruits and vegetables, simple and complex carbs, healthy fats, and proteins. Make sure you always have low effort options like carrots, apples, rice cakes, peanut butter, and cottage cheese if you need to grab a bite on the run.
  2. Don’t forget your cheat meals! Some people can survive on Ezekiel bread, green veggies, non-fat cheese, egg whites and chicken breasts. I believe in moderation, and so with that, I eat dark chocolate and cheddar cheese on a daily basis – the way I see it, these are good for your mental health. Then I’ll save my full cheat days for beers and pizza at the bar or ice cream on a hot summer’s evening and I’ll run my ass off on the treadmill the next day, knowing I earned it.
  3. Timing your meals is easy and important. Eating 5-6 smaller sized meals each day helps maintain energy levels throughout the day and curbs your hunger while preventing cravings from arising. You’ll be less likely to crave a big double bacon burger if you are eating a small, planned meal every few hours. I find success eating more calories and the least healthy items in my diet in the morning (cheesie fried egg sandwiches to start the day). Then I make sure to eat lean protein and complex carbs an hour to an hour and a half before I go to bed at night. This ensures that my body has fuel to recover overnight – I want to avoid overeating and indulging at this time of day which could offset the discipline I maintained all day long.

Here are a few clean eating meals that are delicious and simple! More meals and recipes to come.

Breakfast – Spinach egg white omelet with rice cakes topped with peanut butter

Lunch – BBQ chicken thighs, sweet potato (add cinnamon and walnuts for extra flavor) and grilled asparagus

Dinner – Grilled salmon and Greek salad with quinoa (bell pepper, tomato, olives, cucumber, feta cheese, Greek dressing)


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